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Spencer Perkins Center | Blog & News

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This May, to celebrate a year of hard work, we are taking our kids to St. Louis!  Throughout the year, we spend the majority of our after-school program focusing on homework, math, reading and writing.  But now is our chance to leave the books behind for a few days, and broaden our horizons!  In St. Louis we will be partnering with Chatham Bible Church to have a fun and educational visit.  We will spend time at the zoo and the science museum, view the St. Louis skyline from the Gateway Arch, and attend a Cardinals baseball game.  

Chick-fil-A Peach MilkshakeDo you want to help our children raise the necessary funds for their trip?  Then stop by the Chick-Fil-A in Clinton, MS, on Wednesday, May 1st, between 5 and 8 pm!  If you mention the Perkins Center while ordering your food, a portion of your bill will go toward our end-of-year trip.  We hope to see you there!

April 23, 2013

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SPC children grouped together on playgroundWe currently have around 30 children enrolled in our after-school program, whose ages range from Kindergarten to Junior High School - and this is a great number for us!  God has certainly been answering our prayers for more kids.  We have recently implemented some structural changes, and we are now separating the kids by grade so as to guide them through their homework in a more ordered and targeted way. This way the tutors and volunteers can work with the same group of children each day, and they can truly begin to address the specific needs and develop the specific strengths of each child.

Our greatest need continues to be our lack of numbers and consistency in our staff and volunteers. We are blessed with some wonderful, dedicated volunteers, for whom we are constantly thankful. But there is always a need for more help! It is important to us to work harder on providing the children with stable leadership.

We continue to be struck by the talent and potential that we see in this wonderful group of children. There is so much creativity in their artwork and in their sense of humor – it is refreshing to see the world from the point of view of a child. We have a small group of girls who are very interested in poetry right now. They love to take turns reading and reciting their favorite poems, and several of them have begun writing their own! We hope to play a role in encouraging and developing these gifts and creativity.

April 11, 2013

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Gardening!Each year we partner with our dear friend, Mr. Rivers and Pinelake Church to plant our Jubilee Community Garden. The purpose of the community garden is not only to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to our community members, but also to educate them about the need for a healthy and balanced diet as well as an understanding of where their food comes from.

A sunny Mississippi afternoon in April, the children of our after school program worked alongside Mr. Rivers and several volunteers to plant several vegetables and fruits in the garden. This is a very exciting time because the children will see how their hardwork in sowing seeds will lead to a great harvest in a few short months.

This year, the theme of our summer camp is “Caring for Creation: SPC Goes Green!” In addition to the bible, academic, and art lessons, we will teach the children what it means to be good stewards of the environment—including how to garden. We are so very excited about using the garden as a teaching tool!

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April 7 was the date of the second annual Spencer Perkins Center Family Easter Bash!  It was a WONDERFUL time full of fun, good food, live music, and laughter. Hundreds of community members flooded our campus the Saturday before Easter and enjoyed good family fun!

We were blessed with dozens of volunteers from Ontario Christian School (Ontario, CA) and Bellvue Christian School (Bellvue, WA) as well as local volunteers.  We also had wonderful partners in Hallelujah FM and Jackson Cash and Carry. Our partners and volunteers truly made this event a success—We could not have done it without them!

The event raised funds for the after school program’s upcoming trip to the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. The students are earning the privilege to go on the trip based on the academics, character, and behavior.

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We are so very excited to share some wonderful news with you! The SPC was presented with an opportunity to purchase a house directly across the street from our office building. When the owner of the home decided he was going to sell it, he offered the home to us at a decent price because he wanted us to have it for the work God is doing in the community. This property is truly a blessing from God.

Our plan is to tear the house down as it in poor condition. We ask you to join us in prayer in discerning the purpose of the land in our community. We have a few ideas—but we need the Lord’s direction. 

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